Frequently Asked Questions
Is the ride open to the public or members only?
Open to the public, come out and enjoy yourself
Do I need to bring my own Quad or ATV?
Yes, this is a Haunted ride. You will be riding your ATV on a guided ride.

Can we ride afterwards?
Yes, there will be a well marked completely NEW unhaunted trail available for those to continue ride

Can we ride double?
If you choose to ride double you may.

Do I need a helmet?
YES! You must have a helmet to ride; even in a side by side!

Is this ride suitable for children?
YES! Plus children under 12 are free and receive free treat bags. There will be special kids prizes and games.

What is the price?
$25 per person kids under 12 free

Do I need to buy a ticket in advance?
No but if you do before October 1st you receive a Free collectors shirt

What does my advance ticket include?

Ride, door prize chance, meal, collectors shirt and treats for the kids under 15,popcorn, movie also the after ride!

I don't ride should I come? Should I pay?
What will I do?
COME ANYWAY! There's carnival type games, prizes, movie,foods and more.
Where can I get a ticket?
Online, at the club or from any member.
or call 1-814-590-3917