The booster program originated in 2008 when we purchased the original 324 acres. The intent of the program was to raise funds asking members to donate money to go directly to mortgage/land payments which started in the dead of winter, when funds are depleted. Thanks for the generosity of boosters 2 mortgage payments were made, making the difference between owning our property or watching it be sold to someone else.
As we have grown so have the Boosters, consistently insuring the growth and stability of our organization.
 Boosters receive a personalized plaque prominently displayed in the pavilion adorned with crowns representing the number of years they have contributed.
Boosters will be able to choose from exclusive Booster only, not to be sold anywhere else items, ie Booster quad license plates, Tshirts, Jackets, Towels, Hats and more!
Boosters are also treated to a year end party with exclusive Booster Bonus's
Booster levels start at $50
(Past boosters have given as much as a month's mortgage payment, your donation level is up to you)

Booster $50 = Exclusive Booster Item Level 1

Booster $75 = Exclusive Booster Item Level 2

Booster $100 = Exclusive Booster Item Level 3

Booster $125 = Exclusive Booster Item Level 4

Booster $150+ =Exclusive Booster Item Level 5
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Booster Levels
Boosters may also take the form of matching employer funds and inheritance.
Thank you for your support

We make it possible for you to RIDE LEGAL & RIDE ALL THE TIME!
Other Ways to Donate to Tri-County ATV
As a non profit organization, we are always on the lookout for ways to redirect or generate funds and materials to better our club. Donations can be like kind items that we would normally have to pay for such us equipment, pipe, shale, fuel, kitchen items, food etc. Many businesses and sponsors may be "cash poor" but asset rich either helps us just the same!
Companies like Verizon, UPS, Fed EX, etc have matching funds programs which means if you are an employee you my be able to direct your donations to Tri County and your employer will match it. Ask your employer for details.
Some companies offer promo rebates so that if you purchase through our qualifying link (usually an item you are already in the market for anyway) Tri County ATV receives a kickback. Verizon offers this on their Phone, Fios, Internet, Direct TV packages.

We also accept straight donations of any amount
Ride with Us
This program encourages our members to ride together and to support other riding venues.
Members purchase a special Ride with Us Tri County ATV Logowear item in the past we have issued T shirts or vests with specialized patches.
The Slogan: 
Ride with Us = Ride for Free
Members purchase the logo item for $15 and wear it the day of the ride. 
 The club meets at the ride together and all those members participating in the Ride with Us program register together and the Club pays for their Ride.
Our first 2012 Ride with Us event will be May 8th at Blue Knob, Details will be available soon.